Henriette is in the middle of a conversation in her ground floor flat in Copenhagen, when she suddenly interrupts to inform that ”we are no longer alone”. Something has entered the room. Nothing seems to be at the open balcony door, nothing in the hallway either. Not so much as a fly. But just as the sudden wonderment strikes, she further informs that it is a spirit, which has entered. In addition to being a spiritual medium/clairvoyant Henriette is also a shaman.
It is with this background that Henriette is able to see and communicate with things that others cannot.
”Det Rejsende folk” explores the world of shamanism in Denmark. Shamanism is considered to be the oldest spiritual practice in the world. It is centered around the shaman, a person who through various altered states of consciousness can communicate with spirit-beings and travel across worlds. 
In a time where the overall faith of Denmark is declining shamanism is experiencing a growing interest. On Facebook, multiple groups can be found and the rate of members is growing every month. Here you can e.g. find events. One of these is a full-moon meditation:
Hanne and Frank are sitting in their tippy, which is placed in their backyard. It's Friday and the moon is later going to be 99.6% full. The event today is in the little tipi. The big one lies wrapped together, sheltered underneath a blue tarpaulin, as the covid-19 pandemic prevents them from holding larger assemblies. There is a giant round imprint in the ground where it usually stands upright. Everyone finds a place to sit respectively on small plastic chairs and two sleeping-size-pillow-covered wooden platforms. It is evening; the sun stands low and is being thrown through the wooden crowns outside, thereof forming patterns on the tablecloth, like a kind of silent shadow play. 
Hanne is the spiritual guide and leads the meditation. She starts by reading from a piece of paper, which states the premises. The bonfire crackles and the smell of bonfire smoke has already neutralized itself. Hanne, accompanied by one of the other participants, finds the drum and begins to strike a quiet monotone rhythm. Everyone slowly close their eyes and let the rhythm take them to a trance, slowly drifting away from this world.
Even though shamanism ancient the practitioners find it extremely relevant in our time, some even indicates more than ever. This is because they think we as humans have lost the connection with ourselves and especially with our natural surroundings. We are destroying the earth more than ever, and that is why we need to rethink and reconnect.

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