This is a fictional story for Gather Journal (a food magazine). It's a multimedia project ranging from concept development to content production to designing formats. It includes a Webside dummy, a photo series, a cover page, a video and a novel, written based on trend research, read out by an AI voice.
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The year is 2057. The Earth is a tight place to be. As a result of the shifting climate, many of the former major Asian cities such as Bangkok, Shanghai and Mumbai are now popular diving attractions as they are completely drowned. Worst hit is Vietnam, which has shrunk to half the size it was, just 30 years ago. The Asian people have now scattered to the drier parts of the world. It kicked off in the 40’s (2040’s) when the cities started to feel serious effects of the rising sea. People really started moving after the 2043 Bangkok accident and especially after “The green night” (The 2046 Shanghai catastrophe) where a medium sized tsunami hit the city causing most of the cities already overloaded water systems to completely bust leaving over 100.000 people dead. With Asia representing about 68% of the world’s middle class population at that time, you can imagine how the world looks now. But it was not only Asians who fleed their countries – the African water scarcity caused a lot of African immigrants too. As said before, the world is now a tight place. Not everything is bad though. Mexico and China is now leading the world. China is no surprise, but Mexico, man what a turn of events. They discovered an algae biofuel that burns clean and in top of that actually sucks in large amounts of CO2. With the Americans building their stupid wall ages ago, sealing them completely of from Mexico, many big comps and even countries, had to choose between them or Mexico. With the help from China Mexico got their shit together by ending almost every of the drug cartels, which meant they basically became Saudi Arabia on steroids. This of course leaved almost everyone choosing Mexico over the US leaving Mexico to be the new world leader. While we are at it, China was really pricks in the past, but they have made a great progress on the humanitarian front. Maybe it’s because nothing really is like it was. Countries are definitely not the same as they used to be. The before mentioned migration was such a large-scale operation that no country really was prepared. Except of course the UK whom closed their borders completely. They haven’t really progressed at all. In a long time. In any way. Anyway cultures and traditions got really mixed with the migration, so now The Earth is sort of a big mixed mass of cultures, borders etc. but with a big hint of Mexican and Chinese. Fun fact: The word fusion in the gastronomic world doesn’t exist anymore. Why? Because everything is a fusion. 
Speaking of fusion they arrived at Mars as scheduled, but it’s not even close to be the planet B. There is something wrong with communications, so we here on earth are receiving their messages with a five-year delay, but we are kind of used to that timeline with FedEx anyway. They are running all kind of test on Mars which will hopefully result in a soon fully function eco system, so it can be inhabited for real. We look forward to the future.

The above novel read out by an AI voice

Webside dummy (Adobe XD)

Video - desktop version

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